THIS IS VERY OUTDATED, but unfortunately I don't have much to add on contributions to open source for a few years. I should get back to this.

Much of my work has been involved with proprietary systems but I have always admired the Open Source movement, but I have tried to contribute back to the community.

Creating these projects in my spare time allowed me to consolidate much of what I have learned while working with these technologies. I can now use these as a starting point for future projects, and hopefully someone in the community can either use it or learn from it as well.


GitHub NPM

A simple ReactJS form utility to enable easy validation with minimal dependencies and written in TypeScript.

Current solutions were not meeting my needs more my style. I ended up creating much of the components I required anyways, so I decided to make a simple utility until something more main stream meets my needs.



GitHub NPM

A simple typescript/javascript logging wrapper. Inspired by Common Logging, LogLevel, and Winston

I am very concerned about logging with most projects I work on. I wanted something that played nice with TypeScript, and could have granular control on what is logged and how it is logged.



GitHub NuGet

I always seemed to recreate my file handlers by hand, and would usually couple them. It was always fine at first until I had a requirement change and would have to do a restructuring of the file control which usually was too coupled to the business logic.

I then created this utility to have an adjustable underlying component where I could easily handle multiple file storage types under the same interface.

When I decided to actually store this utility in its own repository and publish it as its own NuGet package, I discovered to my dismay the project Cabinet. It is more developed, larger community, more store implementations and has a cooler name.

I decided to launch this anyways just because, but if you are looking for something more mature I would pass you off to them.