Bachelor of Engineering, Software (2007 - 2011)

McMaster University
Hamilton Ontario, Canada
4 year course


Senior Software Engineer (Aug 2020 - Present)


Lead Software Engineer and Architect (Feb 2019 - Aug 2020)

Formerly Software Cloud Development Consultant (Jan 2018 - Jan 2019)

Osram Inc.

Building main Cloud and IoT integration systems for current and future smart building technology. Includes amalgamated data analytics, remote command and control, 3rd party partner integration, and more.

Skills utilized

Software Development Consultant (Nov 2016 - Jan 2018)

Bluesun Inc.

Assisted with the development of a custom Insurance Policy administration System for TD Bank (internal use and client facing).

Provided improvements for WealthServ peripheral systems.

Skills utilized

Co-founder, Director of Software Development (Nov 2015 - Jun 2017)

Cloudversify Inc.

In charge of the coordination and implementation of all software development efforts.

Duties involve all aspects of software development including design, programming, operations, testing, database management, and more.

Currently building a video conferencing platform for remote teaching utilizing WebRTC.

Skills utilized

Software Developer (Apr 2012 - Nov 2015)

Bluesun Inc.

Assisted in the development of the new technology framework used throughout the company by incorporating it in the flagship WealthServ FrontOffice CRM product.

Provided maintenance and enhancements on the WealthServ RepVision portal. Involved CRM like functionality, reporting, and asset management.

Assisted in the development of custom call center software for an American roadside assistance company. My most notable contribution to this project was creating a robust and fault tolerant payment processing system that would interact with third party systems. This also included a 'batching' mechanism that would handle non-instantaneous monetary transactions, and the resultant effect of the transaction results on the system.

Skills utilized

Consultant - Computer Systems Analyst (Mar 2011 - Apr 2012)

Indellient Inc.

Custom software development around engineering / multi-purpose uses of electronic pens. I was on a small agile team developing a web platform for use by a large engineering company. The platform was a collaborative tool encompassing many aspects of their business workflow. I was specifically tasked with many parts of the system but mostly with platform security, and reporting.

Skills utilized

STEM Tutor (Sep 2007 - Mar 2011)

Self Employed

I tutored several different subjects mostly utilizing mathematics and logic. They included Mathematics (Calculus, Discrete/Logic, Statistics), Chemistry, English, Physics, and Software Programming.

I would handle each student individually, beginning with a light assessment of where they would require help. I would then provide a very concise and specific lecture on the material, focusing on the fundamentals to ensure a proper understanding. I provided practice questions to supplement what I had taught, and then provide assistance remotely through email if it were required for their homework.

My students' education ranged from high school to the second year of university.